Gas meters

G 2.5 Gas Meter with high sensitivity, designed for both LPG and natural gas

Equipped with anti-reversion function and anti-corrosion coating.

Built-in pulse generator.

Gas detector

Detector designed to detect natural gas or LPG.

 It is characterized by a reliable structure and low energy consumption.

Gas Meters

Gas Meters and their production are one of the main areas of our Company's activity. Our Gas Meters are sold throughout the Persian Gulf, in particular in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Gas Detectors

The Gas Detectors that we produce are another strong position in our export offer. We manufacture and distribute Gas Detectors that can be used both for Natural Gas and LPG in households.


Our export offer includes a diverse range of Polish Producers listed below, which we export to the markets of the Middle East.

Design based on the latest technological achievements.

We are the Company that produces Gas Meters and Gas Detectors, which we have been exporting to the Middle East market for 15 years. Our products are used in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

We also promote and export Polish products related to Gas and Water installations to the Middle East.

We have extensive experience in the field of trade and sales of services on Arab markets, we have a large logistic base, we do market research and participate in trade fairs.

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